Lectures will begin on Tuesday 17th November 2015.

Distance Studies Students will have access to their studying material and exams through the College's online website: www.mycoptictheology.com

All lectures are held at the College Premises, 72 Wollongong Rd. Arncliffe, adjacent to St. Mark's Cathedral. The lectures start at 7.00 pm. The following courses for this session are offered:

Lecturer: Fr. Antonios Kaldas
Lectures commence on 17th November 2015
Why should we think that Christianity is the true religion? What evidence is there for Christ its founder, His miraculous resurrection or the reliability of the New Testament that records His life and teachings? Why does the God of the Old Testament seem so different in the New? Why should we think that Orthodoxy is the best form of Christianity? How does Orthodox theology overcome many atheist criticisms in a way that other Christian theologies can't? 

These are the kinds of questions we will tackle in this course, which builds upon the material in Apologetics I which dealt with the question of the existence of God, but also stands on its own. You need not have taken the earlier course to benefit from this one.

Lecturers: Fr. Tadros El-Bakhoumi
Lectures commence on 18th November 2015
The young members of our church today have a tangible need to identify how the church’s rituals and beliefs reflect her spiritual beauty and the sublime sacred meaning contained in each rite. This subject lights the way before those who wish to have a deeper appreciation of rituals of the church.

Lecturer: Mrs Nadine Samir
Lectures commence on 19th November 2015
This course focuses on the severe theological conflict that the church and its leaders were under from the end of the third century to the middle of the fifth century. This theological conflict was regarding, the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the divinity of the Holy Spirit and the relationship between the divine and human nature in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. The reasons for the first split in the church and the recent attempts for unity amongst the Orthodox Churches are dealt with here. The course also addresses the lives of the great fathers from the East and the West who defended the Orthodox faith and it concludes with the Arab conquest of Egypt and the position of the Copts during the first five centuries of the Arab rule.