Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney Australia
Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox
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The Cross The cross (on the top)
suitably placed on the top of the emblem because it is the sign of our pride and of Christ's mighty victory over the power of darkness.
The Shield Shape of the shield
being that of a Lotus plant and the inclusion of the two lotuses on either side of the shield is representative of the Copts’ rich Pharoanic heritage.
The Alpha & The Omega Alpha and the Omega Inscription
The inscription on the open Bible indicates Christ as the central subject in any study of the Bible or Theology.
The Star The star (on the top left)
Their knowledge of the stars led the wise men to the Child in the manger.
The Southern Cross The Southern Cross (on the top right hand side)
Represents Australia, where the College serves its mission.
St. Mark Icon of St. Mark (in the center)
The inclusion of the icon is only natural for he is the one who founded the first Theological College in the world, the School of Alexandria.








Jesus, the Teacher
About the College

Theological Colllege

Established in 1982 by H.H. Pope Shenouda III through his delegate H.G. Bishop Antonios Marcos during his visit to Australia... About >>
Diploma of Theology

Theological Colllege

A 2-3 year course, designed to teach the spiritual Coptic Orthodox Heritage and service in a variety of ministries. The academic curricula is formulated to studies in Orthodox theology, biblical, historical and Christian education... Diploma Details>>