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Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney Australia
Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox
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Pope Tawadrous, College DeanH.H Pope Tawadrous II is the dean of the College

On 4 November 1952, Pope Tawadros II was born Wagih Subhi Baqi Sulayman. Wagih spent his childhood in the Town of Mansoura which lies on the Damietta branch of the Nile River. Wagih worked in a government-run pharmaceutical centre after graduating from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Alexandria in 1975. Whilst working as manager of a pharmaceutical company in Damanhour, he pursued further studies at the British International Health Institute, England. Ten years later, he became a fellow for the World Health Organisation.

Wagih joined St. Bishoy Monastery in 1986 to become a full time student of Theology in Wadi Natrun. After 2 years as a brother, he was ordained a monk, then by 1989 a priest.

On 15 June 1997, he was consecrated as a general bishop by his predecessor, Pope Shenouda III, with the Greek name of Theodoros, which translates to Tawadros in Coptic or Theodore in English to serve with H.E. Metropolitan Pakhomius of Beheira in the northwestern Delta . His services focused on services for children and he coordinated country-wide festivals. These festivals are being modelled in many countries of immigration. Before his ordination to the Papal Throne, he wrote 12 books.

Bishop Tawadros was selected the Pope of Alexandria on 4th of November 2012 by the “Altar lot”, the papal selection process began several weeks before the 4 November selection when about 2,400 clergymen and others shortlisted three candidates: Bishop Tawadros; Bishop Raphael; and Father Raphael Ava Mina. His Holiness was enthroned as the 118th Pope of Alexandria and Pope of the See of St. Mark on November 18, 2012 at the Cathedral of St. Reweis in Abbassiya, Cairo. The enthronement was presided by H.E. Metropolitan Pakhomious of Beheira, other metropolitans and bishops of the Coptic church and was attended by many delegates of Christian Churches.

His Holiness Pope Tawadrous II took the Papal throne for the 118 th succession during a highly turbulent period in Egypt's history. The January 2011 Egyptian revolution ousted President Moubarak and resulted in the first democratically elected President Morsi from one of the Islamist parties. The national climate changed dramatically as new laws came into place by the new President who gave himself sweeping powers over the country's constitution – a move which was condemned by most of the Egyptians and the Pope described it as “discriminatory against the Coptic Christian minority”.

Pope Tawadrous' II historic visit to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis in May 2013 was welcomed by both Churches. The last such visit was held 40 years ago by Pope Shenouda III in 1973 who met the then Catholic leader, Pope John Paul III. Both Pope Tawadrous and Pope Francis prayed for and discussed solutions to the oppression of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Soon after Pope Tawadrous' return to Egypt, a second wave of Egyptian revolution in 30 June 2013 resulted in overthrowing President Morsi. In response, Pope Tawadrous' delivered a televised message in support of the army's announced roadmap for Egypt's future. This incident further sparked tensions between the Coptic Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood supporters of the deposed president Morsi.

Pope Tawadros II continued the tradition of weekly sermons established by his predecessor.

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